Rose's Turn goes HRIFF 2017 by Claudia Aerni

"Marc, a young and handsome real estate mogul, and his beautiful wife Dani, take the opportunity to move from Zurich to Los Angeles so he can work and she can study art history. Not having seen a dire homeless condition before, Dani has a pang of conscience and wants to give back. Unbeknownst to Marc, she spends the day with Rose and invites her for dinner. She soon starts to unravel, forcing them to experience real life.“

I am proud and extremely excited to announce that our short "Rose's Turn" got officially selected to be shown at the HRIFF 2017 on February 23rd 2017 at 6:30 PM at the Beverly Hills Music Hall. AND we're sold out, how awesome is that? 

Not only am I playing the role of "Dani", alongside the incredible Rhonda Stubbins White and Erik Denz, but Erik and I were also the executive producers of this film. Kymberly Harris, our director and writer, managed to assemble an amazing team for this production. It's a Swiss - American co-production with loads and loads of talent. I can't wait to travel to the city of angels and see my first "own" movie in Hollywood on the big screen!

Updates and red carpet pictures follow soon :)

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"Baby, keep your lights down low" by Claudia Aerni

I am happy to announce my first participation in an official music video.

The new video is for the well known Swiss rockband MANOLO PANIC and the song is called "Baby, keep your lights down low". Just love that song!

The shoot itself was two days of pure fun and although the crew was very young, I am extremely proud of all of them for being very professional. Thanks to Braida Trapp for organizing everything and special thanks to the frontman of Manolo Panic, Ramon Margharitis for being such a great partner in scene. It's been an honor to work with such talent!

Manolo Panic will be releasing a new album on March 3rd 2017 in Zurich. If you like the video and the song, make sure to like their facebook page for all news and updates!

I hope you like it as much as I do!